About Daniel

After running a successful commercial photography studio in New York for several years, Daniel moved back to the place he really wanted to live in Delray Beach, FL. He graduated with a business degree from Stetson University. Combining this with a love for photography led him to the Real Estate industry where his talents could be applied to selling homes.

Daniel is skilled in still photography of all kinds, plus video, drone work, and Virtual Reality tours. Knowing that good photography will substantially boost the sales of listings, he is always searching for the best angle, unique composition and lighting to reveal a location optimally.

His expertise with Photoshop, HDR, and video editing enables Daniel to create a unique, all-around experience of the home or listing to enhance its features, while giving the viewer a very personal sense of being there.

Let's work together

Email: daniel@daniel.com                                   Phone:  (347) 739-8152